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How Can You Increase Your Independence With MS? 

At the IMSMP, traditional physical therapy services by Dr. Stephen Kanter are provided from 8am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-4pm on select Saturdays. Under unique circumstances, home visits can also be provided. Our rehabilitation services include examinations to assess and treatments to address impairments related to the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems, as well as cardiovascular and integument (skin) problems which may hinder a person's ability to be active and independent.


Focused Neurologic Physical Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

At the IMSMP, the primary physical therapy services include an initial examination to determine current impairments which affect one's ability to function independently. Whereas each person has different functional needs and desires, physical therapy treatments are prescribed to most effectively and safely maximize one's function. One-on-one, individualized, physical therapy treatments including therapeutic exercises (strengthening and stretching), balance training, gait training, posture re-education and other individualized neuromuscular re-education procedures are provided. Neuromuscular re-education, the cornerstone to quality neurologic physical therapy, is an intervention in which a physical therapist or occupational therapist will train a person to move efficiently using available muscles in the most optimal sequence. As part of neuromuscular re-education, fall prevention strategies and fall recovery techniques are incorporated when necessary or upon request from the patient or the family. Stander exercises for patients who are non-ambulatory is a unique therapy service offered which can help to increase mobility, decrease pain, decrease spasticity, and help manage swelling.


Supplementary Rehabilitation Department Services 

Aside from traditional physical therapy services, the clinicians in the Rehabilitation Department can assess each patient's needs for assistive devices such as canes and walkers, as well as needs for power mobility seating and wheeled mobility screenings. Patients who need a new cane or walker can be issued the product, trained in its use, and be able to go home with it without delay. This expedited equipment service allows each patient to progress toward independence in the most efficient and safe manner. For family members of patients at the IMSMP, the rehabilitation team offers transfer training and safe patient handling education. This exclusive service allows family members to be more confident in their ability to help the patient in transferring within the home or in the community (e.g. car transfers). By helping family members learn how to transfer the patient, it decreases the risk of injury to both the patient and family member. Foot drop device trials, including BioNess® Functional Electric Stimulation assessment and setting adjustments, are available as part of a physical therapy gait examination or treatment session.


Seating and Wheeled Mobility Screening for MS

Patients who can benefit from the use of a wheelchair are encouraged to be evaluated by an IMSMP physical therapist. In addition to a physical therapy evaluation, patients are assessed to determine appropriate options of wheelchairs, posture supports, and cushions that can improve one’s physical health and independence. Review of the process for ordering wheeled mobility devices and referrals that are necessary will be included as part of this service. Seating screenings are essential for anyone who has any wheeled mobility or is planning on ordering a new wheelchair or scooter in the future.


Consulting Services 

For patients who plan on modifying their living environments, Dr. Stephen Kanter is available to consult on design plans. With his knowledge of, "Universal Design" philosophies and the ADA guidelines, Dr. Kanter can help to ensure the home modifications can maximize the potential for independence.


A Collaborative Effort

For patients who are working with their local physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, or other physical wellness professionals IMSMP physical therapists welcome collaboration and offer consultation. This service can promote a continuity of care to ensure the best available rehabilitation interventions are being provided and rehabilitation goals to maximize function are being met. Any physical rehabilitation and wellness professional is welcome to contact an IMSMP physical therapist to discuss effective interventions for people with MS and strategies for home exercise program compliance.


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