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Tisch MSRCNY LaboratoryThe IMSMP is the only clinical practice located steps down the hall from the largest MS research laboratory dedicated to finding the cause of and cure for multiple sclerosis, the Tisch MS Research Center of New York (Tisch MSRCNY). The seamless interaction between doctors and scientists at this state-of-the-art research facility is found nowhere else in the world. At the IMSMP, our MS specialists have the rare opportunity to bring bench research from the Tisch MSRCNY to the bedside of patients at our clinical practice. Our focus on patient-based research impacts the lives of those we treat and care for every day.

The Only Center Conducting an FDA-Approved Stem Cell Clinical Trial for MS

Tisch MSRCNY is currently investigating many different aspects of MS treatment and neuroimmunology. The stem cell research being performed at Tisch MSRCNY is particularly exciting. Tisch MSRCNY is currently the only Center in the United States with FDA-approval for Phase II of a Stem Cell Clinical Trial for MS. Such close proximity to cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs provides hope to patients that we will continue to improve our MS treatments, repair the damage caused by MS and one day, offer a Future Without MS.

Learn more about the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory and our stem cell trial for multiple sclerosis.

 Dr. Saud A. Sadiq with Dr. Violaine Harris   Dr. Jamie Wong with Research Assistants at Tisch MSRCNY   Jerry Lin with Research Assistants at Tisch MSRCNY

Click Here to be directed to the Tisch MS Research Center website. There you can learn more about our research scientists and read about our groundbreaking investigations into the cause of MS. You will also find articles, interviews and press releases on our Phase I FDA-approved stem cell clinical trial for MS and updates on the preparations for Phase II. In addition, our published research including abstracts and presentations is available to download.


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