Ways to Exercise

Regardless of physical status, all people with multiple sclerosis can engage in a daily exercise program. In many cases, equipment is not needed. A walk outdoors can prove to be one of the most beneficial parts of a daily program to help improve MS-related symptoms including fatigue, strength, and balance, while at the same time decreasing levels of depression and social disconnect. On days where walking outside is not possible, a standing program can serve to be an effective substitute. A standing program can include 5 minutes of standing every waking hour.

In addition, during standing time, balance exercises and aerobic activities can be incorporated. For example, dancing in place, shadow boxing or other arm exercise component, tai chi, and/or yoga can be included, based on your physical therapist’s recommendations. The key component to a good physical wellness program is being consistent by performing structured physical activities every day. On days when you feel your worst physically and cognitively, it is exercise which makes you feel better that day and beyond!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 (All day)


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