You Brush Your Teeth Every Day, Don’t You?

Many patients who have received physical therapy at the IMSMP have confessed to not being compliant with their physical wellness program. Often, the analogy between dental and physical health is incorporated into the clinical discussion. As we all know, not keeping up with brushing and flossing will likely result in poor oral health; the same is true about skipping on daily stretches and physical activities. Patients should understand that a daily physical wellness program is one of the expected strategies that can help manage one’s effects from multiple sclerosis. The fact is, all people, including the family, friends, and caregivers can participate in the daily wellness program (stretches and focused basic exercises) with someone with MS. A study published in MS Journal reiterates findings in many previous studies, that mood can be much improved with even small amounts of exercise. Exercising with another person may even be better for mood and increase compliance. When you start to brush your teeth, remember to think, did I do my exercises today?

News Date : 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 (All day)


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