Visit the IMSMP's Virtual Expo Table!

You're invited to visit the IMSMP's Virtual Expo Table at MS Hope for a Cure's FREE BiG October Event!

At our table, you will find information on How to Manage Your MS with a Holistic Approach. Our video features naturopathic doctor, Deneb Bates, presenting brain-healthy items to keep stocked in your kitchen along with a quick and easy recipe! We've also added Dr. Bates' slideshow on how to "Do Better."  Be sure to check out the new Judi Volk-Weiss Wellness Center, along with other information on the IMSMP. We hope you enjoy our table!

Click Here to Visit our Virtual Expo Table!

As a National MS Society Center for Comprehensive Care, the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice was invited to participate in MS Hope for a Cure's 2021 BIG OCTOBER MS Community Expo.

News Date : 
Saturday, October 16, 2021 (All day)


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