Physical therapy and wellness programs can be very beneficial for those with multiple sclerosis, but what about for the family and for caregivers?

A major area of concern related to the role of the caregiver and physical wellness is in regard to transfers and transitions. Transfers refer to a person moving from one position or sitting area to another location. Some examples include moving from a sitting position to standing, standing to sitting, or sitting in a... more


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Eventbrite - Tisch MS Research Center 21st Annual MS Patient Symposium... more


The IMSMP wishes everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah with their family and friends, a meaningful and sweet new year. May it be filled with good health and happiness!


Warmer weather is here and many with MS experience heat sensitivity. Heat sensitivity can be caused by a rise in body temperature from exercise, staying outside in high humidity, or taking a hot bath or shower. This can exacerbate MS symptoms, which we call a pseudorelapse.

It is very important to remember that these potential symptoms caused by heat and humidity are not harmful and are also temporary. Symptoms related to heat sensitivity usually reverse once the source of heat is... more


In observance of Labor Day, the IMSMP will be closed on Friday, August 31st and remain closed through Monday, September 3rd. A neurologist is on-call and may be reached at
(212) 265-8070 for any MS related emergencies. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!



When patients or their loved ones notice a change in cognitive functioning, a number of important possible causes need to be evaluated, such as a mood disorder, sleep disorder, medication effects, infection or other medical problems. Once these are evaluated and treated, any remaining cognitive issues can be addressed.

The first step is to identify the problem: is it with memory, attention, speed or language... more


The IMSMP wishes patients, friends, and family observing Eid, a blessed holiday.


Making time to relax can provide many health benefits, especially for those with MS. Here is an easy relaxation strategy recommended by Dr. Bates, using mood-lifting acupressure points to help relieve stressors:                               

                                              ... more


This is the time of the year that people hit the road for some well-deserved vacation and people with MS can do the same, usually with a little forethought. The following tips will help you as you plan your next trip:

Renting Mobility Devices When Traveling

If you do not want to travel with your scooter or wheelchair, or only need one for long trips, you can rent one at your destination or for your whole trip. The following vendors can help you:

... more


The IMSMP is hiring! We currently have an opening for a Registered Nurse. Click below on our INDEED post for all of the details and to apply. 



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