Dr. Subramaniam Sriram, from Vanderbilt University, spoke at Grand Rounds this week. His topic was the role of the innate immune system in the development and pathogenesis of MS and he spoke a good deal about his research on nitric oxide. Following his presentation, we discussed how Methotrexate modulates nitric oxide pathways and may be an additional mechanism of its benefit in progressive forms of MS. We will be supplying Dr. Sriram with frozen CSF samples of patients before and after... more


We are very pleased to announce that the IMSMP/MSRCNY has had eight posters accepted at this year’s ECTRIMS conference. ECTRIMS is the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis and this year’s meeting will be in Amsterdam in October. Dr. Sadiq and several laboratory personnel will be in attendance.


After speaking with the FDA, they have asked for additional long term safety experiments in a larger animal model.  This process will occur over the course of 2 years and cost an estimated 3 million dollars.  We are now going to start the process of obtaining funding to conduct these experiments.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you will help support our ongoing research at MSRCNY.


We're very excited that construction is underway on our 3rd floor expansion!

Please excuse the noise and appearance while we undergo this transition. 


NEW YORK, NY, January 19,2010 - The International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice (IMSMP), a 34,000 square foot research and treatment center dedicated to MS, today announced that it has signed a lease for an additional 48,000 square feet.  This makes it the largest establishment in the world committed to discovering the cause and cure for MS. 

The practice expansion will include a Wellness Center and two MRI machines, white the Research Center will expand to include a Stem... more


Here is an excerpt from the article on MS. The entire supplement is available at the bottom of the page.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease  of the central nervous system. While the cause isn’t yet known, it’s believed to be an autoimmune disease, which means that in MS the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body—in this case, the myelin that surrounds and protects the nerves. The damaged myelin forms the scar tissue (sclerosis) that gives the disease its name. When any... more


Dr. Deneb Bates is a Naturopathic Doctor who recently joined the IMSMP in order to provide a knowledgeable holistic approach for the care of people living with Multiple Sclerosis. She is an expert in utilizing complimentary and integrative medicine to promote optimal health. She specializes in providing patients with minimally invasive natural treatment options, which include nutrition and botanical medicine, and in empowering patients to take positive actions for their own health and... more


The MS Research Center of New York, under the direction of Saud A. Sadiq, M.D., has begun the first phase of expanding its laboratory. The MSRCNY and IMSMP moved to their current 34,000 square foot location in April 2006 where it has been conducting some of the most cutting edge translational research in the world. The planned addition of 48,000 additional square feet will make the MSRCNY/IMSMP the largest MS research and treatment center in the world and an even more unique model of ... more


The International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice (IMSMP), the 34,000 square foot research and treatment center dedicated to MS, has signed a lease for an additional 48,000 square feet. This makes it the largest establishment in the world committed to discovering the cause and cure for MS. 


The practice expansion will include a Wellness Center and two MRI machines, while the Research Center will expand to include a Stem Cell Research Complex and Experimental Disease... more



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