Don’t Forget Your DME List!

When preparing for their visit with physicians, patients should always bring a current medication list to review. Creating this list is an effective tool that enables nurses and doctors to ensure that your pharmacologic plan makes sense and is safe.

A durable medical equipment (DME) list is equally important. DME includes medical equipment used to help with mobility or positioning. For DME to be covered by most insurance carriers, it must be prescribed by a physician. In addition to a written prescription, the need and use of DME must be stated in the physician and nursing notes.

This DME list should have the patient’s name and the date on top of the document followed by a complete list of all DME that is used every day – this is the primary list. Other DME (not used every day), should also be listed below the primary list.

Be specific, for example stating power wheelchair instead of just ‘wheelchair,’ is important. In addition to the type of equipment, the date that the equipment was received and the name of the vendor or company/store that it was received from should be included. This list should be reviewed and updated before office visits with your neurologist, primary care physician, physical therapist or occupational therapist.

At the IMSMP, we work hard to ensure that our patients get the DME needed to improve mobility, positioning, and overall function. Delays in patients getting their DME or repairs for durable medical equipment can result when specific information is not included in the physician notes. By submitting the DME list each visit, these delays can be limited and the necessary documentation will be available.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (All day)


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