Photo: IMSMP Doctors

Individual Needs

The attending neurologists at the IMSMP include Saud A. Sadiq, M.D., Andrew Sylvester, M.D., Armistead D. Williams, III, M.D. and James W. Stark M.D. Each MS-specialist neurologist at the IMSMP treats his patients using our center's philosophy, treatments and structure, tailored to meet each individual's needs. Our physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address patients' concerns, questions and emergencies.

Every Aspect of Life

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic condition which will affect patients in many ways throughout every phase of their lives. Additionally, MS is quite variable between individuals and throughout the course of a particular patient's disease. Our goal of comprehensive MS care at the center includes addressing all of these concerns. To that end, our physicians make an individual assessment of goals based on each patient's disability and lifestyle. They provide both short-term treatment programs designed to optimize the disease and the patient's quality of life as well as a long-term maintenance plan for lifelong care. Lifelong issues include management plans should disease activity manifest, MS-related emergencies, discussions of issues with pregnancy, cognition, menopause, prognosis as well as impact on daily living. Our approach is to bring clarity and vision to our patient's management in every aspect of their lives.

Establish a Significant Relationship

To help accomplish this goal, the initial visit with an MS physician at the center is split into two parts. The first time you meet your doctor, he will spend two hours with you. During this ASSESSMENT visit, he will listen to your history and symptoms and perform a full neurological examination. Your doctor may then decide to send you for additional diagnostic tests, if necessary, in order to complete your assessment. Shortly after that initial visit, you will return for a MANAGEMENT visit, in which your doctor will spend an hour and a half discussing a comprehensive plan for your care. Having a companion with you during the visits is highly recommended, especially for the second visit. This approach is designed to ensure that our patients have ample time with the doctor to address every aspect of their disease right from the initial encounter. We strive for our patients to feel they have been given as much time and attention as they require and that they are able to establish a significant relationship with their physician as soon as possible.

As a comprehensive multiple sclerosis center, we offer a variety of services and subspecialties. After your management visit, your physician may choose to refer you to other members of our highly trained staff, including physical therapy, cognitive therapy and our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Bates. In this manner, our patients are able to fully benefit from our comprehensive care team.