3rd Floor Expansion

The IMSMP, together with our research affiliate, originally encompassed 34,000 square feet of space in Midtown Manhattan. The space was constructed in 2006, with the specific goal of reimagining the traditional physician’s office. Renowned architects developed a beautiful design aesthetic and applied it to the functional requirements of a medical center. The large space is necessary to provide adequate facilities for our many divisions and yet was designed in such a way as to foster communication and interaction between those divisions. At the same time, the design aesthetic of the center conveys a sense of openness and tranquility to our patients.

In January of 2010, the IMSMP announced its lease for an additional 48,000 square feet making it the largest establishment in the world committed to discovering the cause and cure for MS.  We are currently in the midst of our 3rd floor expansion. The expanded center already incorporates a 3-Tesla MRI Suite, with plans to build our “Wellness Center." This will consist of new space for our rehabilitation and cognitive divisions as well as social work and naturopathic medicine. A completion date for the Wellness Center has not yet been set.  With over 80,000 square feet, we are currently the largest MS center in the world.

Interactions with the MS specialists occur in one of five neurologist’s offices and twelve patient examination rooms. Visiting physicians have a consultation room and examination areas. The 750 square feet rehabilitation division includes the Physical Therapy Suite, Manual Therapy Suite, and Gait Paths. The cognitive functioning unit has dedicated offices and exam rooms to perform neuropsychological testing and cognitive therapy. The social work suite consists of our three social workers’ offices, a private psychotherapy room and a patient education room.

The spacious, bright and airy Infusion Suite provides service seven days a week and can accommodate 18 patients at a time. Infusions are made more comfortable with large, inviting treatment chairs, blankets, a flat-screen television, and coffee and snack bar. Massage and reflexology services are available to patients during their treatments.

Private Infusion Suite

A Private Infusion Suite is also available for patients who desire more solitude during their treatment. For an additional fee, patients can enjoy this private, hard-wood floored room complete with a comfortable chair, plasma-screen television, high-speed internet access and a private restroom. A personal concierge provides your favorite reading material and stocks a mini-bar of complimentary gourmet coffee and snacks. Delivery of meals from local restaurants is also available. Massage and reflexology are also available to patients at the private infusion suite. 

Roosevelt Hospital

Should any IMSMP patient require hospitalization, our hospital affiliation is Roosevelt Hospital Center, an academic affiliate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. The hospital is a 1,076-bed, full-service community and tertiary care facility located conveniently on 10th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets, just one block from the IMSMP. The close proximity to the center allows rapid, convenient emergency care.  Patients admitted for MS-related emergencies will be under the care of their MS physician, not hospital staff with whom they are unfamiliar.