MRI Suite

(Specializing in MS Imaging)

IMSMP is proud to offer our patients the convenience of an MRI Suite in the same building as your doctor’s office.  We listened to our patient’s state the frustrations of scheduling an MRI, attempting to have reports and discs sent to the right location and the lack of assurance that their doctor receives these important scans in a timely fashion. In order to alleviate these concerns and inconveniences, we have constructed a new MRI Suite on the third floor of our building.   This allows our patients to arrive at IMSMP in the morning, have their scheduled MRI performed and then head upstairs to their office visit.  Your doctor will be able to immediately read and review your MRI.

Prior to scheduling an MRI Appointment:
• Confirm with a member of our staff your physician has requested an MRI for your next scheduled office visit.
• Perform any blood work necessary or requested by your physician for an MRI to be performed.  Allow time for results to be processed.
• Discuss all insurance and financial questions with a member of our Front Staff.
• Hydrate to enable easy placement of an IV when contrast dye is being used.
• Request any prescription medication you may need for the procedure in advance of having the MRI performed.
• Alert a member of the MRI staff of any issues with claustrophobia, surgical implants or devices they need to be aware of to ensure your safety.

At Your Service:

The MRI Suite is open 7 days a week with flexible times for scheduling.
To Schedule an appointment please call 212-265-8070
*The MRI Suite uses Siemens 3 TESLA scanners.  These machines offer excellent image quality, superb diagnostic capabilities and exceptional patient comfort.  Our patients deserve the most advanced imaging services available.