Administrative Services

The administrative staff at the IMSMP works hard to make sure that every patient encounter at the center proceeds as smoothly as possible. There is a team of professionals dedicated to keeping the center extremely well organized so that the other health care professionals have minimal administrative work with which to attend. Their efforts ensure that the center runs punctually and efficiently, allowing the doctors and nurses to maximize their time with patients. The center strives to ensure that, unless exceptional circumstances interfere, no patient will have to wait more than fifteen minutes from their appointment time to be seen. The precise organization of our administrative staff is imperative for properly maintaining patient charts, scheduling, phone calls and messages as well as interaction with insurance companies, among their many other responsibilities.

In addition, a reminder is sent to each patient prior to their visit and every effort is made to schedule multiple appointments at the center on the same day to minimize disruption in patient's lives. International and out of state patients can have their accommodations arranged by a staff member. The administrative staff also works extremely closely with our billing department to ensure insurance provider reimbursements are maximized and necessary approvals are obtained. These efforts are designed to limit personal costs to patients.