Making a Difference 

The Social Work Division is staffed by professional, masters-level social workers with years of MS expertise who are trained to assess and help each person in his or her own situation and environment.  The following services are provided to patients and their families:

Psychosocial Assessment

In-depth, individualized sessions with patients and families to assess problems in the home environment, relationships and coping, leading to collaboration with the interdisciplinary team on ameliorating those issues.

Support Groups

Our social workers with experience in MS facilitate weekly and occasional groups of our patients in order to help them help each other cope with the diagnosis.  Groups are formed around specific situations and topics, such as newly diagnosed, mothers with MS, coping with disease progression, and others as suggested by our patients.

Knowing each of our patients allows us the advantage of knowing every person in a group will be physically similar.  You will be with people like you.


Referrals are made for assessment of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work stress, and other problems patients or their family may be experiencing.  Assessment by a clinical social worker with advanced psychotherapy training may be one to three sessions at the IMSMP or sometimes over the phone.  The Social Work Department has amassed a network of psychotherapists throughout the tri-state area to whom to refer if a patient cannot come to Manhattan regularly.

Many patients are treated at the IMSMP on a weekly basis in talk therapy which helps them use the relationship with the therapist to gain insight into their problems, relationships and anxieties, so that they can work through those problems in a supportive environment.


One-on-one meetings with social work staff for people who are no longer able to work to assist you to navigate the private, group and Social Security Disability application process.


Assistance in reviewing insurance plan options, important questions to ask the carrier before choosing a plan, HIPPA and COBRA questions answered.

Medicare Part D

Individualized explanation of new Medicare Rx plans and assistance in choosing the right one for your needs and budget.

Entitlements Eligibility

Information on government programs that may assist with income and health insurance.  Referral to attorneys who specialize in Medicaid process.


Counseling on what accommodations would help you keep your job, how to ask for accommodations, mediation between you and your employer, your legal rights under the ADA.

Home Care

Assessment and referral to agencies that provide physical and occupational therapy, home safety assessment, and home health aides.

Meal Delivery

Referrals to meal delivery programs for people who cannot shop or cook for themselves.


Assistance in applying for Access-a-Ride and arranging ambulette services.

Hospital Liaison

Information-sharing and collaboration with inpatient social work and medical team upon admission to hospital to insure seamless planning for optimal homecoming.

Family Meetings

Arrangement of meetings between patients, their families and the medical team to discuss and problem-solve seemingly intractable problems.